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    Retro-commissioning is applying a commissioning process to existing buildings that are having the following issues with the HVAC system.

    Reasons to retro-commission a building include:

    • A reduction in total system operating costs.

    • Identify and resolve building-system control and maintenance issues.

    • Minimize operational risks.

    • Increase asset value.

    • Improve comfort and indoor-air quality (IAQ).

    • Reduce liability.

    • Improve tenant satisfaction and retention.

    • Extend equipment life.

    The main goal of  building commissioning share the same goals: to produce a building that meets the unique needs of its owner and occupants, operates as efficiently as possible, provides a safe, comfortable work environment, and is operated and maintained by a well-trained staff or service contractor. Retro-Commissioning is a multi tiered process

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