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    Religious Institutions

    Mormon church against blue sky and white clouds

    Religious facilities have unique needs that are not always so obvious. With close to 150 facilities under contract we have learned how to properly deal with the various components that make up this market.

    What differentiates this market from all other is the facility usage, ornate wood work, artifacts and pipe organs that have special  humidity needs, the amount of spaces used for a variety of applications in one structure.  These include meeting rooms, Kitchens, religious schools, Extremely high ceilings in the central chapels.

    Ross Mechanical Group is ideally suited to service this market because of our experience with:

    Older boilers, chillers, air handlers and controls.

    Fast emergency response if required

    Humidity control

    Indoor air quality

    Pipe Organs- Ross Mechanical Group is one of only a few mechanical contractors that work with the Associated Pipe organ builders of America to stay up to date on the best environmental conditions to


    When it comes to the climate control of your building, You can put you faith is Ross Mechanical Group.