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    Mobile Facilities Solutions

    img_1666Ross Mobile Facilities Solutions is their to provide trained general facilities solutions , for companies that do not require an in-house staff. We offer a variety of options from bi-weekly to quarterly visits. The business model at RMFS also embraces pro-active solutions, that are designed to limit your insurance liability.

    When a member of our facilities team shows up, they will work with you to decide what needs to be repaired.  Another facet of their job is to perform a walk through of your facility -looking for burned out light bulbs, holes or scrapes in walls, ceiling integrity, inspection of door hardware, inspection of the hallways for loose tiles or flooring, inspection of your roof for sink holes, clogged drains.

    During our time at your facility we can also perform the following services for you.

     Replacement of on/off switches and receptacles

     Repairing or replacing ceiling tile grid systems

     Emergency lighting and exit sign maintenance

     Repairing of drywall

     Small painting projects

    Repair or replacement of door and window hardware

    Light bulb service

    Repair of office furniture

    Repair, replacement and installation of  shelves, racks, pictures

    Basic service plumbing

    Installation repair and replacement of bathroom sinks, toilets, towel holders, hand driers

    Cleaning of rooftop drains and gutters

    Repair and maintenance of exhaust fans


    Installation of insulation

    Pressure washing -building sides and pavements

    Clean out of storage rooms

    Removal of non-hazardous materials and equipment(not requiring a rigger)