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    Printing Industry


    At Ross Mechanical Group we understand the relationship between HVAC , Humidity control and Odor control and how it effects your daily operation and profits. Our main goal is to ensure that many different systems operate as required to allow you to optimize the plants performance.

    HVAC, Humidity control, & Odor control & ventilation  systems must all properly work as a team to ensure that your facility is working at a high level.  To achieve this delicate balance, requires the knowledge of how each components can effect your operation.

    At Ross Mechanical Group we work with our customers that are ink and chemical manufacturers,paper distributors, and a variety of different printing operations that use web presses, high capacity inkjet & laser printing, grauvure , packaging as well as the GAA to stay up to date on the cooling, heating, humidity and odor filtration for each type of operation.

    This partnership has provided us with the knowledge to:

    Reducing the amount of paper used

    Keeping the inks and solvents at the proper temperature to prevent press ink and solvent losses as well as having to re-run a job

    Keep your employees healthy and productive.

    We maintain, service, retrofit and install all of the systems required to keep your presses running.  To work with the most knowledgeable and experienced mechanical contractor for the printing industry contact us at 215-914-0305 or


     If you operate a large format inkjet printer, chances are you are familiar with this issue. The combination of chemicals, inks and solvents can make it hard to breath if you are running at full capacity.

    Ross Mechanical Group is the Philadelphia commercial-Industrial dealer for the entire Delaware Valley and Lehigh Valley for Allerair / Electrocorp. Electrocorp has a variety of odor and particulate heavy industry filtration systems that can be used by themselves or integrated with your current HVAC systems.

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