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    Maintenance & Service


    Commercial HVAC maintenance

    Our commercial HVAC  maintenance is extremely through, providing a reduction in total system operating costs of 25 to 40%. At Ross Mechanical Group our business model is centered on preventing downtime. As a company we focus on providing pro-active services. Experience has taught us that by  predictive & reliability centered maintenance , can optimize a system. An optimized system has the following:

    A reduced probability of failure

    The overall cost of our program is lower due to attention being paid to the most critical areas

    An increase in system life

    Lower labor and material costs

    We also know that in order to achieve this level of service that our entire team makes it their top priority. We ensure that our staff are provided with the most up to date :

    1. IT

    2. Training

    3. Tools

    HVAC Predictive maintenance or PDM

    The goal of PDM services is to extend the service lives of both your systems and components through early detection and elimination of factors that contribute to the deterioration of the systems. We use PDM in conjunction with standard commercial HVAC  maintenance to achieve the following results:

    Reduced system downtime

    Reduced yearly cost of labor and material for repair service by 25 to 40%&

    Reduced utility cost to operate the systems-typically from 15 to 30%

    Our PDM services include the following. 

     Thermal imaging

    According to the Cambridge dictionary thermal imaging is defined as follows : The use of special equipment in conditions in which it is difficult to see, to create a picture based on the heat produced by an object.

    Megohm testing

    Megohm testing is the testing of insulation resistance which is  used to determine the integrity of windings or cables in motors, transformers, switch-gear, and electrical installations.


    Testing of the water and glycol for hydronic Systems


    To ensure that our water treatment plan is working we test the water for hardness. We also take a sample of the glycol and send it to a gycol lab.

    Refrigerant Testing


    We perform two separate tests of your refrigerant. A Quik test checks for acids and moisture. We also send a sample to our laboratory, where we run a battery of twenty different tests


    Emergency Service

    At Ross Mechanical Group, Our service team is ready to respond and repair your commercial HVAC systems twenty four hours a day-three hundred and sixty five days a year.

    Because we keep our focus on the larger picture, we know that the failure of one system can easily snowball into a major issue. Our goal is to get your system(s) back on line ASAP, without taking short cuts. Our main goal is to provide superior:

    *Response time- We average between two to four hours from the time the call is placed to when a member of our service team is at your location.

    *Reduced downtime because of the training, experience and diagnostic instruments of our technicians.

     *We have made  IT part of our equation.

    *Quicker access to repair parts- We work with suppliers from around the country to ensure we can gain access to your parts.

    *Back up systems-Another of our contingency plans is to bring in rental systems.