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    At Ross Mechanical Group we use our experience and knowledge gained from our experience in servicing and maintaining systems as well as what we have learned performing Retro-Commissioning- Comfort Enhancement projects. After correcting hundreds of misapplied or improperly installed systems, we have developed a system to ensure that your facility is receiving the ideal solution for your needs.

    We start by visiting your facility to survey the system that needs to be replaced, take information down to perform a load calculation, depending on the type of systems we also want to know how the installation will effect your operations as well as other components of your building.  We also want to discuss any issues that you and your co-workers experienced. When we combine all of the information we can determine your true needs.

    Each installation or project team is compromised of members of our projects department as well as one member from our service team. By having a service technician on site, he can suggest any adjustments that need to be made, based on their past experience correcting other contractors installation mistakes.

    After the project is complete, we want to ensure that the system works as planned. As part of our warranty we include free maintenance for the first year to fine tune the systems.

    At Ross Mechanical Group we have a strong track record of projects that have a lower total cost of ownership than the industry benchmark average.  Contact us at or call us at 215-914-0305/800-572-1705.