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    Equipment types

    We Service, Maintain and Install

    Air conditioning-comfort & process

    After coolers

    Air doors-Standard and heated

    Air driers-refrigerated

    Air cleaners & filtration

    Air cooled condenser & cooling tower air and water filtration

    Air purification-In duct

    Boilers -Atmospheric, condensing & power(natural gas and propane)

    Carbon monoxide monitoring and ventilation

    Chillers- comfort and process (DX, Scroll, & Screw)

    Clean rooms

    Computer room cooling systems

    Controls-Wireless and Wired Thermostats, DDC, Hybrid(DDC & Pneumatic) Pneumatic, Zoning

    Cooling Towers & Evaporative condensers

    De-humidification systems

    DOAS systems(Dedicated outdoor air systems)

    Ductless Split systems & VRF systems

    Electric heaters-In duct

    Exhaust systems

    Furnaces-standard and in duct

    Geothermal heat pumps and chillers

    Heat Pumps

    Hot water heaters- tank-less, condensing and standard

    Humidity control-Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

    Indoor air quality systems- Special filtration, UVC systems

    Indoor pool systems

    Make up air systems

    Monitoring systems from one unit to entire facilities including process equipment

    Paint drying systems

    Pool heaters

    PTAC and PTAC/H systems

    Radiant cooling

    Radiant heating-Ceiling and floor

    Rotational systems-Air conditioning and Heating

    Variable frequency Drives

    Waste Heat recovery systems for air conditioning , boilers , & process

    Water-source heat pumps