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    Energy saving solutions



    Most air conditioning and refrigeration systems cool through the use of an internal compressor that condenses vapor into a liquid.  At a certain point during operation, all the vapor is in liquid form. Since you can’t compress liquid further, the compressor begins to run inefficiently but it keeps running because the system hasn’t reached the desired temperature yet.


    Smarter Cooling

    1.  Improves the monitoring of space temperature to predict cycles and eliminate calls for cooling that waste energy.

    2.  Optimizes the compressor dynamics by an energy trading algorithm which minimizes energy wasted during normal operation.

    3.  Prevents ice build-up on the evaporator coil to improve air flow, maintain performance of the heat exchanger, and eliminate energy-intensive defrost cycles and dripping.


    Digi-RTU® HVAC Roof Top Water/Air Source Heat Pump

    The Digi-RTU® is a control package designed for rooftop unit retrofits. The technology was developed for use on single zone packaged rooftop units with either gas/electric heat or air source heat pump configurations. Using load matching technology, the Digi-RTU® can turn a constant volume constant capacity unit into a variable capacity system. Studies indicate that implementation of the Digi-RTU® system can result in a 40% to 60% average reduction in energy consumption and 30% to 60% decline in demand. These savings are created by modulating the speed of both the compressor(s) and indoor fan. Due to the lowered capacity, the Digi-RTU® reduces unit cycling, creating spaces that have more controlled humidity levels. The Digi-RTU® design includes temperature safeties and oil return logics that ensure its safe operation.


    Airborne debris is the leading cause of fouling and clogging of cooling towers, heat exchangers, air cooled chillers, rooftop units and other HVAC systems. In fact, billions of dollars are lost each cooling season to downtime, lost productivity, repairs, maintenance and excessive energy consumption.

     Air Solutions

    Air Solutions cottonwood filters have six separate selections for you to choose from. These filters are engineered to provide a balance between filtration performance and Airflow. Cottonwood Filter Screens stop Airborne debris on the Outside of your Equipment where it is easy to see and clean. A special “Non-Stick” surface combined with bonded fibers prevent Adhesion of debris so cleaning your equipment simply doesn’t get any easier than this!!

    EcoMesh is a unique mesh and water spray system that improves the performance of Air Cooled Chillers, Dry Coolers and Refrigeration plant whilst reducing energy consumption by up to 44%. EcoMesh has been fitted to troublesome units worldwide where its patented water spray technology eliminates problems and once fitted is virtually maintenance free.


    Magnetic filtration technology for all demanding application

       Guaranteed central heating system protection from black iron oxide

       Restores central heating system to peak performance and efficiency

       Extended operational life of the system

      No ongoing running costs

    Collects large and micro-particles of sludge that build-up in the boiler

       Increased energy efficiency

       Integral sight glass assembly allows easy inspection of debris capture