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    Comfort Enhancement

    Throughout this country 90% of office spaces have some sort of comfort related problem. The largest issue by far is trying to regulate the temperature so that a majority of your employees remain 100% productive. Unfortunately, because this is hard to achieve what ensues is the a loss of employee productivity from 1% to 10% due to the temperature  as well as THERMOSTAT WARS.

    HVAC  Comfort Enhancement is one of our specialties. The goal  is solve the problems. Our comfort engineers use a systematic approach to solve your issue.

    Gather Data and interpret data–> Design a solution to solve the issues–> Implement the solution in small stages to ensure that each fix we perform works properly.

    The following issues are handled by our Comfort Enhancement Team:

    Hot and cold spots

    Low or no CFM

    To much CFM

    lack of returns

    Stale and humid air in a room

    Improper thermostat or sensors in a room

    Poor indoor air quality

    Smaller projects

    We believe that small projects deserve the same attention to detail as any other project.
    From installing air doors, induct electric heat, new diffusers,upgrading your duct work you
    can count on us to deliver a high quality competitive job.