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    SEPTEMBER 2017

    To create a facility focused lubrication management program, follow these steps.
    Perform a needs analysis – which is about 40 questions to pinpoint your needs .
    Lubrication audit and improvement by going into greater detail with your questions,                                                                                                                                     The goal is to create a solid recommendations and estimated ROI for the improvement of your lubrication practices.
    Design and implementation Once an agreement bet ween all parties involved is agreed to it is time to design and begin implementation.
    Optimization during the first few months, everything is evaluated to ensure it is working properly. If a part of the plan is not working at the expected level of performance, this is when it is tweaked.

    To get the most out of your lubrication process, and to have an audit performed contact your supplier.




    The COOLNOMIX is a retrofit add on that is designed to reduce the cost of running the air conditioning side of your system.The reason for the additional cost is that the condenser coil can not dissipate all of the refrigerant energy-causing the compressor to run longer than necessary.

    The system use a combination of predictive  algorithmic software that uses sensors to optimize your the use of the compressor. The program used is called Optimized Refrigerant Supply.

    When the space has reached the desired temperature -the compressors are cycled off.



    Thermostat wars occur under two main conditions.

              2.When management selects the set     points and employees change it

      Because the set points are set inside the Coolnomix, the employee can no longer have the ability to change the settings.

    The best part of installing the coolnomix for your systems is a roi of 3 years plus additional savings from increased productivity and a reduction in service calls.

    Call us at 215-914-0305 or e-mail me at to find out more.

    If we install a Coolnonix for you by October 1 2018 we will take 5% off the total cost of the installation.