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    Ductless splits & VRF systems



    VVRF 3

    Ross Mechanical Group and ductless split systems have been synonymous with each other since we installed one of the first ductless splits in the Delaware Valley in the early nineteen eighties. Since that first installation we have installed close to one thousand four hundred systems ranging in size from 9,000 BTU systems up to forty ton VRF systems with twenty five indoor units.

    Ductless split systems also have the ability to provide extremely fresh and clean air.  This due to the fact that you can have the following options installed or retrofitted into your system:

    DOAS or dedicated outdoor air systems

    Ductless split system specific UVC systems

    Because of our experience working on ductless splits and VRF systems .Ross Mechanical Group is one of the largest service providers of these systems. Our technicians have taken factory class from all the major manufacturers. Another benefit to servicing so many systems is that we have become familiar with their issues and can work with you to solve the problem before your system fails.