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    Controls & Monitoring



    At Ross Mechanical Group our controls strategy is not one size fits all, but to use the best system and type for the job.
    We start each controls project by listening to you and your current and projected needs, accessing and understanding how your system functions.

    Our controls engineers than combine all of the know data to select the best system for you.
    We install , upgrade and service the following type of controls:

    * Automatic,wireless thermostats and thermostats with remote sensors.

    * Indoor air quality monitoring with ventilation controls

    * VAV & Zoning systems

    * Hydronic & steam controls for your boilers, chillers, and distribution system.

    * System staging controls

    * Building automation – Bacnet & Tridium

    * Pneumatic systems retrofits and upgrades.

    Ross Mechanical Group services and installs the following brands

    Belimo, Carrier I-VU, Cypress, EWC , Heat Timer,  Jackson Controls Metesys, Johnson Controls Verasys,  KMC, Lennox, Novar, Taco I worx , TCS, Tekmar, Trane-Summit & Voyager , Vermont Energy, Viconics,  Wattmaster, Weil McClain



    Wireless RTU Analytics Package

    Our goal of helping our customers create the perfect climate for their business is more than just lip service. It is the core principle of our company. Because we take this goal to heart, we are consistently looking for the best solutions available. One of those solutions is monitoring the way our customers’ systems perform.
    Ross Mechanical Group was a very early adopter of monitoring solutions. In fact we installed our first system over 20 years ago. Today we offer multiple degrees of monitoring solutions



    Notifact provides 24hr monitoring of HVAC system. When the Notifact system picks up an issue with your system it will generate an alert message which is sent to you and us by cell phone, fax, or e-mail.

    HVAC Owl Asset Management System

     HVAC Owl Energy Management Products by CW Industries

    The HVAC Owl Asset Management System utilizes wired and wireless Air Wire Sensors to provide constant statistical supervision of building equipment and energy use patterns, set points and performance indicators. This allows our clients to know where their building’s equipment and their commercial, or industrial facilities stand. The System   has the ability to query and control up to 50,000 points of data from up to five device servers in real time. Each device server can be connected to a different manufacturer’s control system.

    Specialty monitoring solutions

     The FILTERSCAN® air filter monitor is an innovative application of the Clean Alert air flow sensing technology. The FILTERSCAN tracks the increase in differential pressure to monitor filter clogging. As a result, FILTERSCAN can tell when to change an HVAC’s air filter before it becomes clogged.



    The Plexaire ICM both monitors and clears your condensate drain 24/7. More effective than a condensate pump, the ICM uses natural condensation found in the system to create an automated flush cycle that keeps drains clear – year after year. For large facilities with BAS connectivity, Plexaire’s MagniDrain model features diagnostic integration and notification.

    Manages bacteria & mold to prevent leak

    Flushes pipes clean on a daily basic

    Proactive & reactive flush technology

    Detect & clear technology for unusual or non-bacterial clogs

    Visual and audible notification system