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Since we were established our goal is to create mutually beneficial relationships, that are built on trust, communications and similar goals. We have been able to achieve these goals, which is evident by the fact that many of our customers have been with us for twenty five plus years.


The Best way for any company know if they have built a team that enjoys working for them, is the longevity of their employment,If they go beyond the call of normal duty to ensure they accomplish and exceed expectations, their willingness to share their opinions with the management.  In terms of having the number of technicians and experience level, We consider ourselves blessed. Multiple times we had employees who retired only to come back with in a few months. Other employees that moved away called us to ask if they could come back once they moved in.Many of our technicians have fifteen to thirty years of experience. To ensure that we have trained technicians in the future two-three days a week our younger technician is paired with an experienced on to learn the trade at the side of a master.

Service Territory

Ross Mechanical Group is based in Bensalem PA overlooking the Delaware river. We focus our service, maintenance, replacement and refurbishment in

  • Lower & Central Bucks County

  • Montgomery County

  • North East Philadelphia

  • Delaware County

  • Burlington County New Jersey

  • Mercer County New Jersey

A message from the new president

Ross Goldstein, MBA GAC-President

I have been with Ross Mechanical Group since the early eighties. I started by lugging the tools for the technicians. When I graduated college I sent that summer cleaning out oil fired boilers that used #6 oil in a variety of schools we service. Over the years I have gone from a technician to sales and operations. I am proud to now be the one to take us into the future.


I know for certain that I would not be here if I did not have a great group that mentored me along thge way. Like my father I beleive in creating long term relationships, and creating win-win opportunities.


The only you will see is that I am improving our IT infrastructure and depening the relationships we have with our vendors. I main goal is to ensure that we continue to be the same company we have always been.


Best Regards