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Since we were established our goal is to create mutually beneficial relationships, that are built on trust, communications and similar goals. We have been able to achieve these goals, which is evident by the fact that many of our customers have been with us for twenty five plus years.


The Best way for any company know if they have built a team that enjoys working for them, is the longevity of their employment,If they go beyond the call of normal duty to ensure they accomplish and exceed expectations, their willingness to share their opinions with the management.  In terms of having the number of technicians and experience level, We consider ourselves blessed. Multiple times we had employees who retired only to come back with in a few months. Other employees that moved away called us to ask if they could come back once they moved in.Many of our technicians have fifteen to thirty years of experience. To ensure that we have trained technicians in the future two-three days a week our younger technician is paired with an experienced on to learn the trade at the side of a master.

A message from the new president

    Back in 1976 when my father started the company, he had two jobs-By day a high tonnage technician with local 420 and at night, servicing residential and small commercial accounts. In 1980 He decided to leave his Union position to concentrate on Ross Mechanical Group. Due to the high quality of his workmanship and ability to solve issues most other firms could not we began to grow. Our first group of technicians where technicians he worked with. It is unusual for a new company to have the quality and experience we had.


 I have been working at Ross Mechanical Group since 1986, starting in high school as  a technicians assistant. During my time at college I worked in the contract sales department as well as maintaining the refrigeration and cooking equipment for the college cafeterias. In the the summer I worked full time as an apprentice. Although the owners son, I was expected to pull my  weight like everyone else. Some days you could find me assisting a technician with clean coils, change filters, piping and cleaning out many of the large boilers we maintained for several public school districts and private schools.One memorable experience is when I was cleaning the boilers the Palisades school district. Most boilers use number 2 oil, they used number 6. Number six oil is used to make asphalt as well as in large boilers. Imagine being inside a steel boiler located in a mechanical room. I also spent plenty of those years cleaning out chiller and heat exchanger tubes, cleaning the media inside cooling towers, Over time I learned to become a competent service technician and gained my certification for the Johnson Controls Metesys systems, Tranes Varitrac and Summit , pneumatic controls, Wattmaster system.


Looking back my time on the field, time selling, and running projects has prepared me to take the helm. My goals are to improve our introduce new key performance indicators to be able to benchmark how we are doing Vs the industry.

In 2015 I wrote the companies ten year business plan. The first phase- opening up a division to concentrate on the correction of internal comfort issues has been steadily growing. We are about to launch the second part of the plan-which is to open up a Manufacturers representative division -concentrating on the indoor pool and Dehumidifation market, as well as  representing Gabriel Controls-A firm that specializes in replacements of the out of business Exeter Xl Loop Controller.